Lifestyle Newborn Session At Home

Lifestyle Newborn Session At Home

It's been a little busy at LWP headquarters recently, so I'm a little behind on blogging some of my favourite sessions. Here are a few photographs of a beautiful family who welcomed me into their home. I had a lovely time capturing some everyday moments for them. Little A certainly made my job easier, he was a natural in front of the camera and even helped me with taking some photos! He absolutely doted on his little sister, and I think these two are going to be best of friends. 

In Home Newborn Session

Newborn Lifestyle Session At Home

Your home makes a beautiful backdrop to the beginning of some beautiful memories.

Your home makes a beautiful backdrop to the beginning of some beautiful memories.


As a first time new mum, it can feel quite daunting leaving the house with a newborn baby. I mean, there is breastfeeding or bottles to prepare, nappy bags to pack in between those precious nap times! This is why I come to you to do your newborn session in the comfort of your own home.

"What about my messy kitchen?!" or "The lounge room is a big mess!", I hear you say? Well, I don't mind one bit! Having three small children, I know what a comfy family home looks like, complete with the clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, cold cups of tea on the kitchen table, piles of washing to fold. That is life with a baby! And when you come home with a newborn, all of those things get pushed down to the bottom of the priority list. After all, I know I would rather spend my time cuddling and cooing over that gorgeous little new human.

So, don't worry about the mess. I know I won't! ;) The living area and the bedroom are the two rooms I often use. So, the only thing I suggest doing is clearing a small space by a large window or door, somewhere with natural light coming through. If that means you have to push everything on the floor behind the couch or under the bed, I promise I won't tell! But, in most cases, I will fit right in and work around in the beautiful space I have to create beautiful images for you.

Embrace the messy, rejoice in the chaos, these are the true memories you will treasure when that little new human is all grown up. I'll be there to catch those memories for you whether the dishes are done or not...


FAMILY - Candice's Family Session at the Beach

The day that Candice's family session was originally scheduled for, the weather turned out to be horribly windy and wet, so we rescheduled for the following weekend. What a vast difference in weather. Beautiful clear sunny skies, made for a nicer time down at the Rockingham foreshore.

Candice mentioned she and her family enjoy spending time down at the foreshore going for walks together and watching the kids play in the playground. Her little boy was just adorable and loved posing for the camera for me!

To schedule your own family portrait session, get in touch with me here.